Sodium sulphanilate

【Product name】:  Sodium sulphanilate
【Alias】:  Sulfanilic Acid Sodium Salt; Sodium Sulfanilate; (4-aminophenyl)sulfonyloxysodium
【Molecular formula】:  C6H10O5NSNa
【CAS RN】:  515-74-2
【Molecular weight】:  231.20
【Product properties】: 
This product is pink to pale rose crystal. The content of effective composition is more than 97%. It is soluble in water, and the water solution shows neutral. It is insoluble in ordinary organic solution. It will produce sediment when meat substances, than contains calcium.
It can be used to produce acidic dye and direct dye. It can also be used to prevent and control wheat rust.
【Quality index】Executive index:HG/T 2746-2010
Index name                                        Value
Appearance                                           Pink to pale rose crystal
Content (Total amino value) %≥                                  97
Aniline content %≤                                          0.01
Water insoluble materials %≤                                        0.10
【Product package】
25kg woven bag, with plastic in it. Or according to customer's requirements.